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" The beginning of the end "

Letter from Secretary-General

Distinguished participants,


       As the Secretary-General of BEGMUN'23, the first of which we organized, I am honored and happy to welcome you all on behalf of my academy and organization team. We are excited to meet you on February 10-11-12 in 2023 and to form the basis of our future conferences. 
Since we are holding our conference within and under the sponsorship of Ümraniye Municipality, your safety and comfort before and during the conference is our main priority. Our team will always be ready for you to solve any questions and problems that may arise before or during the conference. A wonderful three days await us in which we will discuss the world agenda and look for solutions together in our committees, which we will take as a basis at the Model United Nations Conference to be held. During these three days, our academy teams and organizational units will be with us actively for the functioning of the conference. With our professional academy and experience, our organizational units, which will provide you with the best possible hospitality, will continue to work for you or answer your questions until BEGMUN'23.
        Dear participations, as a United Nations delegate, you will seek national and international solutions to the agenda items determined in the World Health Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organzation, DISEC, SOCHUM and SPECPOL committees throughout the conference. Our committee chairs and academy team will be with you to discuss the solutions and bring them to a conclusion, and they will supervise the debate at any time. In this process, you, our delegates, will have access to world agenda reading, active agenda monitoring and United Nations procedure experience.

        Finally, BEGMUN'23, for which we laid the foundations of future conferences with the slogan 'The Beginning of The End', is waiting for your participation with its experienced academy organization teams and 7 excellent committees. To shape the world once again, we are looking forward to seeing you.                      
Secretary-General of BEGMUN'23

Letter from Director-General

Distinguished participants,


       It is my utmost honor and privilege as the Director General to welcome you all to the first annual session of Beginning Model United Nations Conference which will be held between 10th and 12th February 2023, in Umraniye City Hall,Istanbul.


       We, as the BEGMUN family, have a great belief that teenagers are the future of the world. We want teenagers to become more aware of their public speaking abilities, communication and language skills. Due to that, we want people to debate and come up with solutions to worldwide problems. 


       As the Organization Team, we are full of ideas to improve our conference. We have been working really hard for a long time and we are very lucky to have a motivated staff who will be hard at work this process. I'm sure you will leave the conference with unforgettable experiences at the end of 3 days.


       I promise on behalf of the organization team we will try to do our best that you will have an unforgettable time in our conference. 
With my kindest regards.


Director-General of BEGMUN'23

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